Advice, Sustained

A Guided Path Supports Your Long-Term Goals

We support individuals, families and nonprofit organizations in achieving their individual objectives over the long-term.

Objective Perspective

Built on a strong heritage of independent thinking, we stand by and for unbiased advice. We take our responsibility to act in the best interests of our clients very seriously, ensuring transparency in our fees and relevance in our strategic recommendations. As large independent advisory firm, we offer families and institutions the reassurance of longevity and expertise in managing long-term mandates.

Intense Personalization

We view all our clients—individuals, family offices, and nonprofit organizations—through an objective lens. Our aim is to build goal-oriented investment portfolios that reflect specific situations. To become and stay informed, we meet with our clients regularly to maintain an understanding of their specific needs and priorities as they evolve.

Collective Partnership

We are continually consulting with our clients, among our team, and with our clients’ other advisors to help ensure strong integration and collaboration. By coordinating objectives and strategies, everyone is better able to weigh circumstances, navigate nuances and impact results.

Tailored Education

We believe knowledge and perspective are imperative to successful investing. Therefore, we offer formal as well as ad hoc educational opportunities for our clients, from financial basics to detailed insights. We tailor topics and presentations to the age and knowledge of the audience, with fun video games for next-generation investors, accessible workshops for “suddenly wealthy” clients, impact investing trainings and varied seminars for new and experienced board members.

Advanced Operations

We are disciplined in our operations to gain not only efficiencies but also insight. We employ advanced technology and proven processes to streamline every aspect of our business, from communications to trades. Equally as important, this forward-thinking approach allows us to actively uncover trends and opportunities that address our clients’ objectives.

Long-Respected Internal Manager Research

We are active and far-reaching in our pursuit of investment managers. Our on-the-ground research team interviews hundreds of investment managers a year to maintain a broad perspective on the universe of candidates as well as the overall market. Independent thinkers, we provide unbiased assessments focused on finding the best managers in which our clients can invest. Our rigorous process includes in-depth quantitative and qualitative evaluations and continuous due diligence.

Sustainable Investing Leadership

Since our inception, we have been working with clients to build investment portfolios that align with their values. We take a holistic, rather than an avoidance, approach to social investing, identifying managers looking for companies making positive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts on the world. As we balance values and return, we remain rigorous and consistent in our due diligence, diversification and monitoring processes to support the goal of strong investment performance.

Community Commitment

Actively engaged in our neighborhoods, we support local charities through donations of time and money throughout the year. We believe it is our responsibly to support the communities in which we work. From a Casual Friday pool to a matching gift program, from road races to annual charitable gifts, our employees choose the charities and the giving avenues that allow them to make the most difference.