Goals, Supported

A Guided Path Clarifies Your Priorities

Serving both individuals and families, we customize our approach to meet their distinct goals and evolving needs. For some, we serve as a family office, coordinating all aspects of their financial lives; for others, we focus entirely on designing portfolios to reflect their specific situations.

Depth of Relationship

Gaining insight into our clients’ financial wealth and values is central to success. By having a 360 degree-perspective on their situation and expectations, we can properly anticipate and address any challenges and opportunities they may face. Helping them manage their everyday lives, in addition to managing their wealth, creates a level of comfort, integration and advocacy across all their needs. By establishing client trust in both our advice and our execution, we are often their first call to address a host of matters, from insurance to real estate.

Client-Centric Team

Believing the best decisions are based on accurate, up-to-date and complete information, we meet regularly with our clients to maintain a comprehensive understanding of their evolving needs and circumstances. We focus on a select group of clients and maintain a high ratio of employees to clients to sustain strong connections. We maintain ongoing contact so both our firm and our clients are well-prepared to make informed decisions. Our team of diverse experts works together to provide individualized perspective and recommendations, and to execute the strategy to help capture opportunities and gain peace of mind.

Full-Scale Family Office

As a multifamily family office, we provide expanded financial planning and administrative services to both individuals and families. In addition to serving clients as their investment consultant, we act as their financial architect, drawing on expert resources to manage the full range of their administrative and financial planning needs. We support our family office clients in meeting their long-term financial goals by addressing income tax, estate tax, cash flow, philanthropic, administrative, record keeping and family governance issues. We work as part of the team with their estate attorney, tax accountant and other professional advisors to help build consensus to provide the best advice for each situation.

Multigenerational Perspective

We have the ability to balance the needs of multiple generations. We see similar issues develop over the lifecycle of a family, especially those operating a private family business. With our experience and knowledge, we support families by anticipating challenges of each successive generation and delivering creative services to help them grow and prosper year to year. We work with families to develop structure to help leverage past success to foster future growth, external investment board and/or annual family meetings.

Family Consensus

We understand the complexities of coordinating different perspectives, opinions, expectations, and schedules to bring a family to consensus. We have the skills and practices to efficiently and effectively develop and deliver on solid, smart solutions that stand the test of time. We work with family members individually and in groups so everyone remains an engaged, informed contributor.