Lessons, Shared

A Guided Path Clarifies Your Priorities

We assist families in facilitating the management and execution of thoughtful plans to balance, support and grow individual members while benefiting from the strength and legacy of the family as a whole.

Generational Education

Financial success comes with financial responsibilities, and we take educating all family members on their roles and obligations seriously. We tailor programs for the age and situations of our clients, making financial literacy fun for younger generations and informative and accessible for “suddenly wealthy” clients. Whether it’s a story for our youngest clients about sharing marshmallows, a fun video game for teenagers, or learning about impact investing or philanthropy training for second or third generation clients, we have the time-tested tools to help demystify the world of finance and wealth.

Practical Legacy Planning

We help put theory into practice, starting with thoughtful and inclusive dialog and planning that helps families clarify their own unique mission, vision, roles and responsibilities. Areas of continuity and transition planning as well as stewardship and leadership development are considered and accommodated as part of a thorough, flexible long-term plan.

Purposeful Philanthropy

Many affluent families believe that every individual has a responsibility to their family as well as to the community at large. Since giving is different for everyone, we provide the thought leadership and advisory capabilities to structure meaningful solutions that engage and empower all family members in giving back. We provide administration, grant letters, processes, policy development and adherence, and education and advice on alternatives regarding structures and management.