Advice, Activated

A Guided Path Clarifies Your Priorities

Through a process-driven approach, we guide individuals and families to well-informed decisions in support of the long-term success of their investment portfolios.

Guided Transitions

Many clients come to us in a time of transition. Be it a sale or public offering of their business, receipt of a large inheritance or the death of a spouse, we understand how difficult it is to navigate through these times. It is especially challenging to be thrust into a new role, and seemingly in a land of a foreign language. Years of experience by the firm’s principals in all these situations make us especially skilled to put a client at ease in such difficult and life-changing times.

Comprehensive Investment Policy

Acting like a chief investment officer, we establish a unique relationship that allows us to gain an intimate understanding of each client's finances and their wealth. Empowered with detailed and comprehensive information, we can provide deeper, more thoughtful advice that supports an integrated, efficient investment strategy to deploy their assets. With this information in hand, we are able to develop a comprehensive investment program that reflects their full financial picture, risk tolerance, time horizon, liquidity needs, tax situation, expected level of risk-adjusted return and other significant factors that impact their wealth. In this way, we can plan and execute a strategy mindful of meeting their immediate needs as well as maintaining their legacy.

Individualized Asset Allocation

We view asset allocation as a critical long-term strategy and work closely with individuals, families and foundations to develop an asset allocation that reflects their particular needs and circumstances. We start by gaining an understanding of what clients need to accomplish with their assets, including personal living expenses, administrative costs, inflation protection and real return over time. Based on these factors, we design an asset allocation framework intended to meet a specific target rate of return at an appropriate level of risk. We concentrate on core asset classes we believe should provide the most effective diversification benefits to our clients.

Active Manager Selection & Evaluation

Our goal is to find the best manager in each asset class for a client’s specific allocation. Our rigorous manager search and selection process incorporates not only an analysis of a manager's past performance but also a determination of whether a manager has the tools to keep performing at a high-level. Once our investment committee approves a manager for a particular asset class, we deliver that advice across our client base. We select our "best advice" manager, and every client receives that best advice. Since we meet with hundreds of prospective managers annually, we can effectively analyze existing managers in a new client portfolio as well as work with existing clients who want to consider managers they have identified. While we have had success finding exceptional investment managers, if we cannot identify one we believe can enhance return relative to the market to overcome the additional fees and taxes associated with active management, we will recommend indexing. Because we operate objectively, we are agnostic to which approach we take.

Ongoing Performance Monitoring

Approved managers are rigorously monitored on a regular basis. We track monthly returns, speak with managers by phone frequently and expect to meet with them at their office at least once a year whether in the United States or abroad. We measure the ongoing performance of individual managers and of the investment program as a whole, and compare it with relevant benchmarks. We measure account returns against a blended benchmark and absolute return target on a quarterly basis. Individual managers are judged against relevant index returns as well as our firm’s established requirements.

Detailed Reviewing & Reporting

We review our clients' asset allocation and third-party managers on an ongoing basis and recommend changes as appropriate. We report to clients on a quarterly basis and strive to deliver our investment reviews and accompanying narrative within 45 days after the end of each calendar quarter. Our reports contain asset detail, net results, as well as manager and total account profit and performance information. We also offer insight and commentary at the individual beneficiary level so each family member can gain an ongoing understanding of their specific asset allocation. We are always available to answer questions.

Effective Investment Administration

Investment recommendations are only as formidable as the underlying execution. We focus on bringing discipline, responsibility and efficiency to every process and execution we perform. Our goals are to gain fee optimization and maintain strict oversight on all transactions. Our processes and systems are replicable and dependable, with built-in checks and balances, to accurately handle complex transactions.