Life, Managed

A Guided Path Clarifies Your Priorities

Supported by the newest in technology and processes, we help manage personal and financial affairs to help alleviate any frustrations and ensure all the details are being handled accurately and efficiently.

Convenient Concierge

We have the professionals and the partnerships to help find the right solutions— from finding the perfect gift to overseeing new construction or a vacation home.

Unique Assets Acquisition & Management

As families avail themselves of special assets, we are available to assist with the details of acquisition, staffing, management and use. With deep experience in aircraft, yachts and art, we support families in pursuing their passions and enjoying their lives.

Rigorous Risk Management

Risk management helps ensure that goals are met and families remain protected. Our insurance experts work with each family to inventory and review in-place coverage and suggest appropriate changes to help reduce costs and/or ensure coverage is adequate and consistent. We proactively consider all options to help protect against known and unknown risks.