Mission, Accomplished

A Guided Path Clarifies Your Priorities

When our clients are passionate about making a difference in this world, we help them support their passion by balancing their social and financial missions in a results-oriented portfolio.

Practiced Perspective

We believe that investors can reach their financial goals while also incorporating their personal values into their investment strategy. With a heritage in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, we understand the subtleties of aligning their investments with their values and mission. Our holistic approach to sustainable and impact investing goes well beyond just avoiding sin investments. It includes public and alternative investment strategies run by managers seeking companies making a positive ESG impact on the world.

Individualized Evaluation

Working with mission-oriented clients, we first determine their comfort level at explicitly incorporating ESG factors into the design of an investment program, discussing trade-offs, risks and opportunities. We also explore whether commingled vehicles like mutual funds with standard ESG or sustainability criteria would be appropriate, whether traditional unscreened products can be used in part or all of the portfolio, or whether the client is best served by a customized solution in which it partners with a manager specializing in the area to design an individualized set of ESG criteria.

Methodical Due Diligence

While we believe that companies who engage in good business practices have a higher probability of success versus those who do not, not every good company is a good investment. Correspondingly, not every investment manager who considers ESG factors is an exceptional investment manager. Therefore we engage in the same level of rigorous due diligence for managers focused on ESG factors as we do for traditional investment managers. We must see a history of positive investment performance and tools in place for that performance pattern to persist.

Disciplined Diversification

We diversify our clients’ portfolios, including ESG investments, to manage risk. We diversify ESG investment managers by major asset class, including stocks, bonds and alternatives. When we identify exceptional investment managers, we look for those who own a diversified portfolio of companies engaged in a variety of ESG initiatives.

Customized Considerations

In addition to a diversified portfolio, numerous clients opt to include more focused strategies in areas such as community investing, education, health initiatives and environmental improvement.  For those clients, many of our recommended managers will customize a separate portfolio consistent with their specific needs.