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September 14, 2017 |
Protect Yourself at All Times

The recent mega-fight between legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather and mixed martial artist Conor McGregor put quite a spotlight on the boxing world. And whether you are a fan of the “sweet science” as boxing is often referred to, or think the pugilistic sport is rather barbaric, the event was quite a spectacle. It also reminded us that in many ways boxing, although violent, can make for an appropriate analogy to investing. Both are skillful crafts that involve strategy and forethought.

It would not be surprising to see volatility land a few punches on the markets later this year, so now is not the time to get too aggressive with regards to portfolio allocations. But the economy is still relatively fresh and not likely to go down for the count, so it is not yet the time to throw in the towel on growth-oriented investments. If stocks take a hit, try to roll with the punches and look for any new opportunities.