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June 6, 2017 |
What, Me Worry?

Many of you may recall the old fictitious Mad magazine character, Alfred E. Neuman, whose catchphrase line “What, me worry?” made light of the need to dwell on anything. The motto and the image of the gap-toothed grinning kid projected a devil-may-care attitude of someone who maintains a sense of humor when everything around him is going up in flames. But in real life, most folks find plenty to fret about. And an anticipation of problems—big or small, real or imagined—can often lead to counterproductive anxiety and a clouding of judgement. Worrying can often be a waste of energy, though when harnessed properly can help prepare for a variety of outcomes. And while there are plenty of things to be concerned about with regards to stocks, they are for now outweighed by improved earnings and a solid economic outlook.