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July 18, 2018 |
2018 Summertime Reading List: Financial Management for Families

Summer is the perfect time to grill and chill, and catch up on your reading list while catching rays at the beach.  The best summers, like the best books, are fun and full of discovery, so we’ve carefully selected 12 favorites we believe you will enjoy reading.  

Having deep experience serving as family wealth advisors, we know parents often worry about their children having the financial literacy and money management skills needed to make good decisions and lead productive, successful lives.  Empowering the next generation is one of our top priorities as financial advisors.  We frequently work with clients’ children—from youngsters up to early adulthood—to instill confidence and independence, to provide guidance and equip them with the financial acumen to carry on the family legacy. In that spirit, our summer reading list includes books that can engage and foster family communication as well as provide valuable insights.

This baker’s dozen are great reads—engaging, informative and well-written—and some are also available as audiobooks and on Kindle.

Happy reading!