Missions, Maintained

A Guided Path Strengthens Your Mission

We see social and financial missions as complementary and work with our clients to align them in a results-oriented portfolio.

Experienced Perspective

We believe that investors can reach their financial goals while also incorporating their personal values into their investment strategy. With a heritage in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, we understand the subtleties of aligning investments with values and missions. Our holistic approach to sustainable and impact investing goes well beyond just avoiding sin investments. It includes public and alternative investment strategies run by managers seeking companies making positive ESG impact on the world.

Individualized Assessment

We work with foundations interested in aligning their portfolios with their mission to balance their financial return objectives with their social goals. We help determine their comfort level at explicitly incorporating ESG factors into the design of an investment program, discussing trade-offs, risks and opportunities. We also explore whether commingled vehicles like mutual funds with standard ESG or sustainability criteria would be appropriate, whether traditional unscreened products can be used in part or all of the portfolio, or whether the foundation is best served by a customized solution in which it partners with a manager specializing in the area to design an individualized set of ESG criteria.

Demanding Due Diligence

We thoroughly research and recommend managers focused on a range of ESG issues. We engage in the same level of rigorous due diligence for managers focused on ESG factors as we do for traditional investment managers. We also evaluate the manager’s ESG investing process and capabilities, including the source, depth and independence of their ESG data, as well as the value they add beyond standard stock screening, for example through shareholder advocacy or direct community involvement. While our general recommendations reflect industry-standard ESG criteria, we monitor issue-specific products as well and can work with foundations whose missions focus in areas such as community investing, education, health, climate change, animal rights or specific religious restrictions. Additionally, we evaluate alternative investment opportunities including social venture capital when appropriate and available.