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Innovation & Client Outcomes

Powered by Innovation: What It Means at Pathstone.

“Innovation” is embedded in our culture.  We are constantly considering ideas to improve our tools, services, platform and the methods to help our clients achieve their objectives.

At Pathstone, we innovate solely for our clients’ benefit. To help our clients achieve their objectives across generations. We innovate at every opportunity for both preservation and growth. We innovate for greater efficiencies and better fee structures in order to pass the savings on to our clients. We innovate for enhanced after-tax results. We innovate to provide timely integrated information for our clients to make informed decisions. We innovate to give clients deeper insights and greater opportunities to align their financial endeavors with their responsibilities as multigenerational stewards. But we never experiment or speculate in any way that would put our clients at greater risk. This is the essence of the modern family office.

Innovate to provide

Pathstone Innovation

How we do it


True Independence

We are an independent firm, owned and operated by Pathstone employees. Private ownership allows us to think and invest for the long term and not be diverted from our clients’ best interests. We follow the Fiduciary Standard putting our clients’ interests first, always.

Enhanced client experience and results.


We have assembled a team of subject matter experts across all planning and technical disciplines to serve our clients. Our talent is directly aligned with our clients through our service culture, compensation structure, and most critically, our equity ownership. Having our senior advisors own meaningful equity in Pathstone helps us retain and attract the industry’s top talent.

Aligned, experienced and credentialed advisors dedicated to serve your needs.

The Matrix

Custom-built, in-house capabilities to deliver comprehensive family office services and solutions. Pathstone created an all-inclusive matrix of available services. Clients simply check off the services they need and a tailored scope of service is designed exclusively covering their needs.

Customized service model focused to cater exclusively to your requirements, from the most basic to complex.

Chief Investment Office

Structured Chief Investment Office benefitting from committee & sub-committee structure with a thoughtful mix of talent and experience across the firm. Continue to explore niche asset classes to access investments with an asymmetric risk/return expectation.

Support for stronger risk adjusted returns to meet goals for clients.

Pathstone Portfolio Platform – “P-Cubed”

P-Cubed is an innovative proprietary investment execution structure that provides the ability for investors to hold diverse investments in a single account with the goal of lowering costs, aligning values and providing measurement and control in ways we believe were not before possible.

Significant reduction in portfolio expenses & seamless administration.

P-Cubed / Tax Optimization

P-Cubed provides for continuous tax loss-harvesting with a continued focus on asset location in addition to asset allocation.

Designed to deliver measurable reduction in taxes and increased net after-tax results.

Proprietary Dashboards

Developed an in house tool incorporating 36 specified macro-economic factors designed to provide insight into market environment and unforeseen economic events.

Provides insight on current market cycles and provides rigor for adjusting portfolio risk in real-time to seek stronger risk adjusted returns to meet client goals.

Fully Integrated & Timely Reporting

Development and continual enhancement of proprietary consolidated financial, accounting and investment reporting.

Complete informed decision making.

Pioneer of ESG & Impact Investing

Commitment, experience, talent and research dedicated to finding impact investments across asset classes. Enhance customized shareholder engagement & proxy voting through P-Cubed.

An array of impact investment solutions to align portfolios with values—a new stage of philanthropic investing.

Pathstone’s Proprietary ESG Scoring

Designed innovative reporting platform to measure ESG across the entire portfolio— including hedge funds, private equity and other complex investment structures.

Ability to measure impact and ensure portfolio is fully aligned with mission.

Family Office Structuring

Creative & proven family office structures, to handle changing tax landscapes. Formalized structure for benefits, taxes & governance.

Provides structure for benefits, taxes & governance.

Operational Efficiency

Diligent implementation of newest technology and automation of internal processes allowing advisors to focus on clients’ needs rather than administrative duties.

Client-focused advisors providing high quality tailored client services.

Medical Advocacy

In a future environment, where insurance coverage and medical care will be problematic, Pathstone is positioned to provide quality care & coverage for our clients.

Quality Care

Path 2 Education

Establish peer forums, learning sessions and events to provide clients and their children tools and education necessary to become successful stewards of multigenerational wealth.

Informed and engaged clients prepared to steward their wealth enterprise.


Through a series of interactive learning events, we will provide our female clients with an opportunity to network with one another, share experiences, ask questions and problem-solve. By delivering educational tools and advice during these programs, we aim to advance women’s financial savviness.

Advance women’s financial knowledge, enabling them to be better informed and equipped to make financial decisions with confidence.