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We don't offer jobs, we offer life-long careers. At Pathstone we look for leaders with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, who will thrive in our culture of innovation and who are committed to long-term success.

Our people are smart, hard working and dedicated to our clients' success. We are proud of our company culture, and uphold the following core values:

Caring – displaying kindness and concern for others
Openness – acceptance of or receptiveness to change or new ideas
Passion – intense enthusiasm & drive
Excellence – the quality of one’s work
Humility – a modest view of one's own importance
Teamwork – the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient
Proactivity – to initiate change rather than reacting to a situation or event
Innovation – to introduce something new or different
Experience – having become skillful or knowledgeable from extensive participation or observation


Our talented people are our greatest asset, therefore we offer a competitive, comprehensive and flexible benefits program that helps meet the changing needs of our employees and their families. Pathstone’s benefits include comprehensive medical as well as dental and vision coverage, flexible spending, unlimited PTO, employee life insurance, 401(k) plan, and more.

Client Service Roles

We have made a multi-generational promise to our clients and therefore look for talented people who are driven to deliver high quality client experiences, foster trust and ultimately pave the path to multi-generational relationships.

    Investment Research & Operational Roles

    As innovators in the industry we are always seeking highly analytical and forward-thinking people who can help ensure Pathstone stays ahead of the curve.

      Management & Operational Roles

      We seek sophisticated, technology driven, and highly organized individuals to ensure our firm operations run smoothly and our clients', as well as our employees' goals are met on a daily basis.