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Fiduciary Advice to Support Your Fiduciary Responsibilities

  • Investment counsel, process and solutions customized to serve trustee and committee-directed portfolios
  • Results-oriented impact investment solutions inclusive of measurement and reporting tools
  • Comprehensive services to complement your existing organization or even manage your complete back office
  • Incentive-based pricing for qualifying institutions

Benefits and Solutions

Why hire a Family Office to advise a Foundation?

Foundations and endowments are typically formed to make a lasting difference over generations. Family offices are built to provide objective integrated advice for stewards of generational wealth. There is alignment between the fiduciary duty of a family office and the fiduciary requirements of trustee and committee directed investment programs.

Our work with foundations and other non-profits grew out of our work with families. Institutional clients benefit not only from the investment advice we provide, but also from the comprehensive suite of investment and foundation office services that truly allows them the peace of mind and bandwidth to focus on managing the organizational, charitable and programmatic work.

Pathstone caters to "Select" Institutions. What does this mean?

Pathstone may not be the right fit for all institutional clients. Organizations that focused on the following have selected Pathstone –

  • That large financial institutions and consulting firms are not fully aligned with the attention and customization they require
  • That an independent and partner owned advisory firm delivers aligned advice and the talent retention is typically very high
  • That flat organizations can be nimble and responsive to change
  • That a firm focused on constant improvement with a culture of innovation can deliver tools and solutions to keep their organization ahead

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Why choose Pathstone for my organization?

Independent & Partner Owned –

Pathstone is independent, partner-owned and operated, currently with 30 partners. This enables us to manage the company focusing exclusively on achieving our client’s goals free of any corporate parent’s business requirements. Our ownership structure enhances our ability to attract and retain the industry’s top talent. Lastly, it provides the framework to uphold our promise to be there for our clients over multiple generations.

Innovation –

The strength of Pathstone lies in our deep commitment to providing innovative solutions meeting the needs of our clients and keeping them ahead of the curve. As an example of our innovation, Pathstone’s Portfolio Platform (P-Cubed) is an innovative proprietary investment structure that provides the ability for investors to hold diverse investments in a single account with the goal of lowering costs, aligning values and providing measurement and control in ways we believe were not before possible.

Our Size –

We believe we have achieved the right blend of large where it counts and small where it matters. We use our size and scale for the exclusive benefit of our clients, providing access, reducing expenses, and constantly driving to improve all aspects of our platform. We are, however, not so large that we have to ration client access to the managers we recommend or provide simplistic or formulaic investment advice. We offer the flexibility and customization of a boutique firm with the experience and depth of a large one.

Impact and Environmental, Social and Governance Investing –

Pathstone is not only a leading adviser for social and mission-related investing, but an established and recognized thought leader at the industry level. Our commitment to this space runs deep and wide, and is reflected in our fast growth—we have nearly doubled investments in this area in recent years. We will continue to dedicate significant resources to innovating and providing clients with creative solutions to seek to best align their investments with their values and their mission.



Fiduciary advice, solutions, tools, reporting and support to accelerate the achievement of your organization's objectives.

Tax & Accounting

In house team of tax professionals to assist with all or portions of your compliance and accounting needs.

Extended Back Office Services

Comprehensive services to outsource your back office or simply compliment your existing organization.

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In order to demonstrate how Pathstone can add measurable value to your specific circumstances, we have developed a methodology we call our Pathforward Process.  To begin, first help us understand you and your needs.

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