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Pathstone supports clients who seek to align their investments with their mission or values while earning competitive financial returns

Our approach to sustainable and impact investing relies on rigorous research and the selection of investment managers and strategies that systematically integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations and sustainability themes into their process. ESG analysis helps us to identify and evaluate material issues that may influence investment performance and to assess whether they are being managed appropriately.

Pathstone’s investment acumen and impact expertise, combined with our strong culture of client service, offers a uniquely personalized approach — one that is tailored to each client’s interests, depth of knowledge, structure, and circumstances.

Core Elements of Pathstone’s Holistic Approach

Core Elements of Pathstone’s Holistic Approach
  • Thematic Research

    We link timely environmental and social themes with real investment opportunities, often taking a “systems approach” to identifying solutions.

  • Field Building

    Pathstone’s impact experts play an active role in growing the field of sustainable and impact investing, leveraging their voices on behalf of clients who seek to accelerate progress to a more regenerative and inclusive global economy.

  • Investment Sourcing & Diligence

    Our team follows a rigorous and holistic vetting process that evaluates ESG considerations as well as manager diversity.

  • ESG Scoring

    We enhance baseline ESG data by correcting for biases and factoring intentionality into the score. Scores can inform investment selection and are reported on a quarterly basis.

  • Access Impact Framework

    Our impact measurement approach illustrates the alignment of clients’ portfolios to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, using the concept of “investing in access”.

  • Client Advice & Engagement

    Pathstone clients have access to a wide range of written reports, webinars, experts in a range of related disciplines, and personalized sessions organized by our client service team.

Thought Leadership

Pathstone seeks to build and support the field of sustainable and impact investing in order to better serve our clients. We contribute to the advancement of standards in corporate disclosure, ESG metrics, and impact measurement. We also provide a broader overall understanding of the ways one can incorporate sustainability and impact considerations into portfolio design. These efforts help drive collaboration among asset managers, investors, and organizations, ultimately enhancing the quality and variety of investment solutions we can offer.

How We Define Impact

Erika Karp Pathstone's Chief Impact Officer

Key Materials

  • Investing in Regenerative Agriculture: Voices from the Field

    Investing in Regenerative Agriculture: Voices from the Field

    Download PDF
  • “Quantum Impact” – The Potential for Quantum Computing to Transform Everything

    “Quantum Impact” – The Potential for Quantum Computing to Transform Everything

    Download PDF
  • Sacrifice Nothing

    Sacrifice Nothing: A review of empirical research on financial performance of sustainable and impact investments

    Download PDF
  • No Place to Hide | Climate Change and Systemic Financial Risk

    No Place to Hide | Climate Change and Systemic Financial Risk

    Download PDF

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