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We understand details matter. Our platform is designed to provide you with seamless execution and comprehensive administration of your entire portfolio.

Pathstone’s Portfolio Platform (P-CubedTM) was developed based on deep experience implementing and administering client portfolios. We knew there had to be a better way to minimize frictional costs and taxes, and streamline administration. P-CubedTM allows our clients to hold diverse investments including separate accounts, mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks and bonds—all in one account. This simplifies administration and provides our clients with an execution system that not only minimizes taxes and fees, but provides controls that we believe were not before available in the industry.


  • Engage and Negotiate Investment Managers & Custodial Options and  Related Fees
  • Assess Historical Tax Characteristics – Marginal, State & Local Rate, Carry Forwards, Unrealized Gains
  • Cooperation & Coordination with Existing Advisors & Managers
  • Facilitation of Account Opening/Closing, Consolidation, Distributions and Flows
  • Implementation of Asset Allocation Changes
  • Full Management of Private Equity Capital Calls & Distributions
  • Delivery of Tax Materials (gain/loss reports, 1099s, K-1s, etc.)
  • E-document Management of Statements, Confirms, & Other Correspondence

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In order to demonstrate how Pathstone can add measurable value to your specific circumstances, we have developed a methodology we call our Pathforward Process.  To begin, first help us understand you and your needs.

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