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Smart in a Way That Matters™

When you hire an advisor, you obviously assume that you are hiring smart professionals. Yes, we also have very smart employees. However, we define smart differently. We define smart in a way that matters for you, our client.

Smart by capturing best practices

Our work with a diverse client base of families, family offices and select institutions affords us an opportunity to understand techniques, solutions and best practices that work.  These successes are captured and institutionalized across Pathstone so that all of our clients can benefit from these accomplishments.

Smart by considering how one decision impacts many others

Our advisors and processes are laser focused to help you achieve your goals. But we understand to do so we need to fully understand the entire picture. For a family, understanding the entire balance sheet, tax characteristics and estate objectives leads to more effective asset allocation decisions.  For family offices, knowledge of the current scope of service and the vision for the next generation helps inform how to best structure and staff the entire office.  For select institutions, understanding the overall mission informs our advice around solutions and methods to measure progress.

Smart by always being open to new ideas to improve

The inspiration of always considering how to improve is simply in our DNA as a firm.  It is a magical combination of passion around serving our clients, full agreement that innovation is the key to staying ahead and an ownership structure that enables open communication and nimbleness.  See Innovation Page for examples

Smart by staying connected and ahead of what our clients need

Senior leadership, inclusive of the Co-CEOs, have some client advisory responsibilities. This results in connected and informed leadership decisions based on hands on experience with our clients.  As firm wide decisions are made around priorities and commitments, they are enlightened by real experience with our clients and focused on their needs now and into the future.