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HerPath is an initiative by Pathstone dedicated to advancing women’s financial knowledge, enabling them to be better informed and equipped to make financial decisions with confidence. Our goal is to make financial matters less daunting to women and therefore encouraging them to be more involved in their finances. We believe that when women become more empowered in financial matters, self-assurance extends to all areas of their lives, ultimately leading to greater fulfillment overall.


Recent studies have found that women control more than half of the US personal wealth, and that number is growing. Our intention behind HerPath is to create tools and strategies to help women embrace the magnitude of their role, successfully steward their wealth and navigate the financial complexities they face with confidence. HerPath’s mission is to create a welcoming and trusting space for women to come together, exchange ideas, collaborate, learn and help each other grow.

Through a series of interactive learning events, we will provide our female clients an opportunity to network with one another, share experiences, ask questions and problem-solve.  By delivering educational tools and advice during these programs, we aim to advance women’s financial savviness. Specifically, HerPath offers an opportunity to connect with women that face similar challenges and opportunities.

  • Structured, yet fun, setting for a community of women to learn and grow from one another
  • Safe, non-judgmental environment allowing women to ask questions about fundamental wealth issues such as investments, philanthropy, estate planning, taxes, money management and more
  • Connecting with women facing similar challenges and opportunities
  • Exploring advanced and technical financial topics
  • Sharing with the next generation of women what you wish you had known when you were younger
  • Exploring and sharing new investment, entrepreneurial or philanthropic ideas and endeavors
  • Promoting women in the wealth management industry

(Women make up more than half the population but only one-fifth of advisors)


HerPath Learning Session: Gender Lens Investing

On January 29, 2019, HerPath held a learning session in Boston’s Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center. The session was designed to be an opportunity to “release your inner woman” and explore various approaches to investing with women in mind. Through an interactive conversation led by Pathstone’s ESG and Impact Investing Analyst AJ Levine with our featured speaker Geeta Aiyer, President & Founder of Boston Common Asset Management, the group delved into what gender lens investing means, how this space has evolved over time, and how implementing a gender lens can change investment outcomes. Geeta shared personal stories from her years of experience focusing on this topic as an investor, as well as her perspective as a woman.

HerPath Learning Session: Gender Lens Investing

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