Path4Impact Makes Sustainability a Part of Company Culture and Everyday Life

Pathstone prides itself on being an advocate of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria in business and socially responsible investing, however, our dedication to these values doesn’t end with our investment advice.

Path4Impact was formed to institute ESG practices within Pathstone by promoting what we refer to as the three P’s.

1. Philanthropy: charity and volunteerism.

2. Planet: sustainability and resource reduction.

3. People: encouraging healthy lifestyles, employee wellness, and professional enrichment for our employees.

Our mission is to educate and inspire our colleagues to incorporate an ESG ethos into their professional and personal lives and creating a positive and measurable impact on Pathstone’s community and our environment. As part of our generational promise, we hope to inspire the Pathstone community to have a positive and measurable impact on the environment and contribute to a healthier and more equitable planet for the next generation.

Internal Campaigns

We sponsor internal campaigns engaging our colleagues in ways to raise their sustainability awareness as well as provide opportunities to team build and encourage camaraderie through lighthearted competition. One example was our Water Bottle Challenge. To reduce the number of single-use plastic bottles in the office, Path4Impact held a reusable water bottle challenge, modeled after the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge where participants posted photos of themselves with reusable water bottles and “challenged” coworkers to do the same. Based on employee participation and feedback from the challenge, the decision was made company-wide to reduce the purchase of single-use items for our offices. Pathstone leadership then gifted the employees reusable water bottles to launch the company’s transition away from plastic bottles.


Education plays a primary role in the committee’s mission. We utilize recognized environmental awareness days such as Earth Day to share educational pieces for our colleagues to learn about different issues in the world of sustainability, from the effect of climate change on poverty to the effects of overfishing on ocean conservation. Additionally, we provide an ongoing educational series, “Easy Green Tips” where practical sustainability tips easily used at home or work are posted on our company’s internal communications channels.


We hold annual clothing and food drives around Thanksgiving, giving each office a chance to engage with local charities and give back by donating much-needed goods. This summer, we are sponsoring our first volunteer challenge EmPATHy, encouraging volunteerism by rewarding employees with the most volunteer hours with a total of $5,000 in donations to the charities of their choice from Pathstone.

FitPath: Promoting Health

To promote healthy lifestyles, Path4Impact holds an ongoing series of “FitPath” step challenges. We believe employee wellness is directly tied to good governance (the G in ESG) and improves the long-term happiness and wellness of our colleagues. We partnered with Pathstone’s Human Resources team in launching LinkedIn Learning to the firm. This program provides our employees with an incredibly rich library of classes and resources, creating a wealth of both personal and professional growth opportunities.


We formed Path4Impact to provide engaging and long-lasting opportunities essential to operating as a true Modern Family Office and fulfill our multi-generational promise to our clients, our team, and the planet.

For more information on our mission, contact Mark Peters: [email protected].

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