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Pathstone Managing Director Alex Hart quoted by MSN Money in “19 Areas To Invest In During a Financial Crisis”

In MSN Money’s articles “19 Areas To Invest In During a Financial Crisis”, Alex Hart discusses benefits of investing in distressed credit investment strategies in the coronavirus-impacted market.

“The coronavirus pandemic shut down millions of businesses and caused millions of people to lose their jobs, putting the economy into a swift and severe downturn. But even in the midst of a financial crisis, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should stop investing.

I spoke to a number of financial experts and business leaders to find out the best places to invest your money right now. If you have long-term goals and can hang on until the next upswing, consider investing in these areas.

Distressed Credit

‘Opportunities may exist in well-resourced and experienced distressed credit investment managers,’ said Alex Hart, managing director at Pathstone. ‘These managers will have a larger opportunity set as overleverage or weaker businesses must restructure to survive.’”

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