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Pathstone President, Matt Fleissig, quoted by Citywire in “Behind the deal: Why Pathstone bought $4B RIA Cornerstone”

In the “Behind the deal: Why Pathstone bought $4bn RIA Cornerstone” article by Citywire, Pathstone’s President Matt Fleissig and Cornerstone Advisors’ CEO Ken Hart share their views on why the two RIA firms are a perfect match in the pending acquisition. 

“‘Pathstone became the reference point, the benchmark and high-water mark, so we were thrilled the way it ultimately came back to that,’ Hart said. ‘But it was important to go through the process because we didn’t know what we didn’t know.’”


“‘The term “family office” is used a lot in the industry, but there are actually very few true family offices providing the services involved,’ Fleissig said. ‘There was an immediate recognition with Cornerstone that our businesses could naturally come together.’”

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