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The Impact of Reading to Your Kids Top 5 Children's Entrepreneurship Books

Greetings from FuturePath and Pathstone! We hope you are enjoying this winter season. As we all collectively bundle up, we thought we would pass along some conventional wisdom that crossed our path recently. Back in December, Forbes published an article titled “The Best Children’s Books About Entrepreneurship for Kids”  by Stephanie Burns. It goes on to list a series of children’s books which both the author and children’s book author Eevi Jones recommend to parents looking to discuss entrepreneurship with their children. It is a quick and cheerful read and the 5 books listed are wonderfully titled and have an undercurrent of themes such as resilience and persistence. Both are traits that are not uncommon among the ranks of entrepreneurial ranks. 

Although the books do not directly deal with the fundamentals of building a business, they serve to plant seeds amid the rich soil of young minds. Reading to your children has been proven to provide a wide range of benefits including the development of listening skills, cognitive and language development, extended vocabulary, creativity, and social and emotional development. It also helps solidify the bond between parent and child from an early age. Reading also has the ancillary effect of reducing blood pressure and helping to prevent cognitive decline. All in all, it’s a solidly high return for not too much time and energy. 

Forbes Top 5 Children’s Books About Entrepreneurship 

1. The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes by Mark Pett and Gary Rubinstein 

2. The Unicorn Who Sold Zero Cupcakes by Brenda Li 

3. My Auntie is a Writer by Eevi Jones 

4. Whoever Heard of a Flying Bird? by David Cunliffe 

5. The Treehouse Trio by Lauren Eresman 

Reading to your kids also aligns perfectly with the mission of FuturePath. We strive to assist our clients to prepare for and embrace all the responsibility heaped upon them. We do this as a fiduciary duty but also out of a desire to rise to our own expectations. We have many young parents and soon to be parents among our ranks at Pathstone. We work hard to Strengthen the Promise because we understand to whom we are making that promise. We need to be Smart in a Way That Matters because that is a true gift to pass across generations. 

It is our hope at Pathstone that we can help you tell your story. It can be a story that will stretch for generations and be told across generations. So next time when you are lucky enough to have your child on your lap as they ask you to read the Cat In The Hat for the hundredth time, remember it’s really not about a cat or a hat or a box or a fox. It’s about one generation and the next, strengthening the promise. We promise. 

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