Top 10 Lessons Looking to the Future

By Robert McInerney, Associate Director

Welcome to December and the holiday season. We here at Pathstone and FuturePath hope this issue of our newsletter finds you well. Together we enter this usually festive month under a more restrained atmosphere. Much has been endured and much remains uncertain. However, there is still magic to be found this time of year. And all of us here hope that magic finds its way to both you and your families.

It has been a challenging year. However, it is worth remembering that what we are enduring is not unprecedented. We will emerge from under this cloud eventually and life as we once knew it, will return to us. It can be helpful to envision that future in our mind’s eye to remind ourselves we will find it someday. But what else will we find there? Will we be wiser, stronger, more resilient than whence we started this year? Time will tell.

It is in that spirit that we look forward to the future with 10 lessons we at FuturePath have garnered from this year. Below are some of the ideas we took away from the conversations we were lucky to share in 2020. Each of them reflects the values and ideals which we at Pathstone strive towards and hope to bring to you. We hope you enjoy reading them.

1. Embrace Resilience

Earlier this year we spoke to Pathstone Associate Ryan Siegel about young graduates and the challenges of job hunting in a time a COVID. The key to success for anyone seeking a goal is to be steadfast in its pursuit and to be resilient in face of obstacles.

2. Be the Change

As Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Jack Levine, who we met in June, is tackling the problem of access to a healthy diet in underserved areas by embracing new technology. Whatever tools you use, we can all make the world a better place if we identify a problem to tackle.

3. Understand Change is Constant

Not many people would have seen the changes which overtook us at the start of this year. Like many companies, Pathstone was able to pivot to virtual business operations which, did not slow us up. More change will come, and Pathstone will continue to embrace it and thrive.

4. Embrace Lifelong Learning

Flex Academies founder Josh Chernikoff, who we met in July, is helping transform education and opening pathways to learnings that many parents and children were not aware of prior. Constant learning is often cited as being a gateway to happiness. Josh and the other gatekeepers of the world are most welcome.

5. Be Forward Thinking

In the August newsletter, we discussed the New Renaissance which, has also been widely discussed here at Pathstone as it embraced what changes we could encounter post-COVID. We at Pathstone strive to be thought leaders in our industry and as such, always have our eyes on the future.

6. Look for the Helpers

Fred Rogers of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood would offer this calming remedy in times of trouble. In listening to Dr. Alexandra Gottdiener of Englewood Hospital in September we learned about the critical work medical staffs across the country are doing in their care for the rest of us. We should keep listening.

7. Understand the Risks

In October, Julia Sears, Co-Chair of FuturePath, published a white paper on cybersecurity and how you can keep your identity safe. Knowing the risks of being online and how to properly guard your information is tremendously important. And it is a responsibility Pathstone takes very seriously on behalf of all its clients.

8. Consume Carefully

It is more and more imperative these days that you are aware of what you are consuming. Be it nutrition or information, there are a multitude of sources out there. Consider the nature of each and choose wisely. Pathstone can help you navigate the constant stream of noise out there to get us all to a place of better understanding.

9. Tell Better Stories

FuturePath hosted a webinar regarding legacy gifting within families in November. The essence of the event was that you could communicate your family’s story in a myriad of different ways. And the more the younger generations hear those stories, the more they will see their place in it.

10. Take Nothing for Granted

What do you miss most? A friendly handshake? Dinner at a restaurant? Hugging your parents? 12 months ago, most people would not have thought twice about these small acts. And probably would have forgotten taking part in them just as quickly. Enjoy each moment no matter how routine. Something may come along tomorrow and transform your routine into the impossible.

It is our hope here at Pathstone that we have helped all of you navigate this truly challenging year. We strive to be there for our clients no matter the issue and will continue to strive to that standard in the future. In being #SmartInAWayThatMatters Pathstone is equipped for whatever the future brings. Be well.

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